We pride ourselves on providing a professional, compassionate and fully insured service for all of your pet care needs. We love animals of all shapes and sizes and the variety of services we offer can be tailored specifically to you and your pets' requirements - whether it's a regular walk while you're at work or a friendly visit whilst you're away, we're here to help! 


I think being an animal lover was inevitable for me as my family always had a large variety of pets whilst I was growing up. I've definitely continued the tradition (much to my husband Simon's delight) and currently have two tortoises and a little doggy called Crumble!

Making the life changing leap from an office career in event managment to one caring for animals was the best decision I've ever made and I haven't looked back since. Not only do I enjoy exploring the great outdoors with my four-legged friends every day, I also love sending updates and funny photos to all our clients so they don't miss out on anything.


Much like Nicola my love of animals has been ingrained from a very early age, my first job was at four years old as a bodyguard to a labrador called Trigger who I'd save from being fed mud and having his ears pulled by the other kids.

After getting to sixteen and realising labradors didn't usually employ bodyguards I began to study for a career in journalism which lead to me becoming a chef (I'm not entirely sure how either). After ten years in kitchens I decided to return to my first love and have enjoyed every day since. ​As well as dog walking I have spent the last couple of years working as a professional photographer and enjoy nothing more than walking through the woods with a rabble of slobbering models!
"An old-timer I knew used to tell his students: ‘Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.’ "

                                                             Arthur Szathmary