1. Dog Walking
    Great Danes to Greyhounds, Schnoodles to Shi tzus we enjoy walking any kind of dog in any kind of weather; and they'll love it too! Chauffeur driven from their home to woodland or wide open spaces your pooch will enjoy a full hour of play including any number of activities be it chasing a ball, running around in circles several times or carrying tree branches twice their size! 1 hr weekday walk - £12.50 1 hr weekday walk for two dogs - £21 1 hr walk at weekend - £18 1 hr walk for two dogs at weekend - £25
  2. Home Visits
    Until cats learn to cook we're here to take care of them while you're away! Whether it be for a day or a couple of weeks, we can pop round for 30 minutes up to twice a day and do whatever it is you might need, from feeding to cuddling to cleaning out. We're experienced in caring for all sorts of little creatures too including hedgehogs, reptiles, chickens and rabbits to name but a few! 30 minute home visit - £10 15 minute home visit - £9
  3. Puppy Care
    We all know how much attention and time young pups need and how difficult it can be to find that time these days. In your dogs' early days we can be there to help, providing consistent feeding times, basic training, socialisation and play; all vital for puppies to grow into happy, well balanced doggos! 40 minute puppy care visit - £12
As well as the regular services detailed above, we are also able to offer some additional ones that are tailored to your needs.
If you have any special requirements or would simply like to discuss anything further, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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